Self-Care and Why It Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

Self-Care and Why It Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

The importance of self-care should never be underestimated. In fact, we strongly believe that it should form an important part of your daily routine. We’ve pulled together a list of great self-care activities, along with some great activities for you and your family to do.

What is Self-Care? 

Self-care refers to the things that you do for yourself to help care for your physical and emotional wellbeing, along with activities which help prevent disease and manage stressors in life.  As for the types of activities, these can vary from ‘regular’ ones such as personal hygiene and good nutrition, through to enjoying a massage or reading a good book. As for what it isn’t, it’s not a reward for completing tasks, something that is only done once or only when you have time.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Care? 

Undertaking activities which help protect and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing can bring plenty of benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity and motivation – when you give yourself the ‘fuel’ you need to be well physically and mentally, you do better. Your senses and responses are sharper, you remain on task for longer and you are motivated to do more.
  • Providing time for you to relax and regroup – we can’t keep going 24/7. Choosing a self-care activity you enjoy helps you to unwind, think about something pleasant and experience those all-important ‘feel good’ feelings. This can also be a good time for a mindful moment, stopping and taking time to clear your mind of busy thoughts. You may find deep breathing useful, or a scalp massage using one of our Bamboo Hairbrushes gives you the focus to do this.

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  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety – a heightened awareness is not only exhausting but may also result in poor physical health. How about taking a warm bath, taking the time to light and then enjoy the ambiance and fragrance of a soy candle is a beautiful way to relax!
  • Boosting your immune system – your mind and body are tightly interwoven to each other. If one isn’t functioning at an optimal level, neither will the other. Keeping active will help your body to function well, which helps keeps the bugs at bay.                               

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Creating a Personal Self-Care Plan.
A self-care plan is all about identifying the things you are and will do to look after yourself and what you can do to improve things even more. This includes:
    • Identifying the practices or activities you use to assist with the physical, emotional, professional, social, spiritual, psychological and financial areas of your life. This includes identifying the things you do well and the things you want to improve or learn how to do.
    • Identify the activities that help you to feel better in times of need, along with the ones that make you feel worse or have no impact.
    • Create a weekly plan which includes the self-care activities or practices you will do on which day and at what time. Recording this in your diary is a great way to remember to do them, as are sticky notes on your mirror, bedside table and fridge.
    We think is it important to make a time each day to spend focused upon improving your mental and physical well-being. We’d love to know what you are planning on doing, so drop us a comment below.
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